Would you like to become Master Ninja ? If yes, welcome to Ninja Painter game. This is one of popular colourful arcade game with addicting gameplay. Trade with your nunchucks to get a roller plus a bucket of paint…

Help the Ninja to become the profession of a house painter. This is a unusual profession and new for him. To start, grab the paint and roll it on the marked walls, paint the walls in the village, town and megapolis, get to the exit to complete each level.

Ninja Painter has 3 game mode with total 30 levels, and 10 levels for each mode:
1.Village : Easy mode
2. Town : Medium mode.
3. Megapolis : Hard mode.
You need to complete the level to unlock new level.

Try to collect stars while playing to get bonus score. And try to get all the achievements also.

How to play Ninja Painter

Use your mouse or arrow keys to Move.

Good Luck !

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